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Matlock to Winster

Walk 4: Matlock to Winster

Bonsall Cross

Bonsall Cross

Largely following the Limestone Way, including ancient lanes and through a landscape seemingly unchanged for years. It starts with a long ascent, but is worth it for the splendid, far-reaching views across the surrounding dales. 8.5km or 5.3 miles, about 3 hours.

ADDITIONAL INFO:This walk takes you close to places used by lead-miners about 200 years ago and some of the tracks the path uses and crosses were made by them, but, like many others in the area, some may have existed for centuries. The village of Bonsall existed at the time of the Doomsday (correctly spelled Domesday) book survey, in 1087; the cross dates back to at least 1620, but may be much older. The circular base is highly unusual, and the overall height of makes it one of the tallest crosses in Derbyshire. Parts of the church date back to the 13th century, although it was largely rebuilt in the 1860’s. Winster’s Market Hall is 500 or 600 years old (there is no accurate record of it’s construction date), but it has had alterations made more recently.

It has been suggested that, given the relative infrequency and irregularity of buses to Winster, this walk might be better done the other way, i.e. starting in Winster. We haven’t tried this, but it should be reasonably straightforward, as it mostly follows the well-signposted Limestone Way.carfree