be inspiredThere are a growing number of examples of individual homes, or community energy schemes which show what can be done to reduce reliance on fossils fuels to heat and power our homes. Some good examples within or not too far from Chesterfield include:


The Brooks’ family solar house (Chesterfield) – a family home lit entirely off-grid (with solar also used to charge their electric car).
Torrs Hydro New Mills (Derbyshire) – the UK’s first community owned micro hydro scheme
Micro hydro Peak District (Derbyshire) – a report and campaign to assess and realise the potential of small scale hydro power in the Peak District
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Eco homes Open Day (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire)– each year eco homes around the 2 counties open their doors to visitors
Derbyshire Eco Centre (Derbyshire) – a purpose built eco education centre that also runs lots of useful courses related to building energy and renewable
Hockerton Housing project (Nottinghamshire) – a self sufficient co-housing project of earth-sheltered homes
Creative Energy Homes (Nottinghamshire) – 7 eco-houses which are a research project on the University of Nottingham campus