Transition Chesterfield, together with 13 other groups all over Derbyshire, have a Divest Derbyshire campaign to get the Derbyshire Pension Fund to divest (i.e. dis-invest) from fossil fuels which are both a climate risk and a financial risk.

Planning helps identify what development is needed and where it should go and what areas need to be protected, for the benefit of the whole community. We take an active role in the planning system to ensure that measures to protect the environment and reduce the impacts of climate change are properly addressed.

Transition Chesterfield supports the improvement of walking and cycling infrastructure within the borough together with other measures to encourage more people in Chesterfield to walk or cycle to improve their health, reduce dependency on cars (and oil) and improve the quality of life. Find out what we are doing to promote this in Chesterfield.

We are working with anti-fracking groups from across the country to stop shale gas extraction locally and anywhere in the UK because this is likely to compromise the UK’s legally binding climate change targets. Britain should be leading the world in moving to clean renewable power, not aiming to extract ever more inaccessible fossil fuels.