Transition Chesterfield is a member of the Derbyshire Climate Coalition which formed in early 2019 to call on councils across Derbyshire and Derby to declare a climate emergency and develop action plans.

We have since lobbied both Derbyshire County Council and Chesterfield Borough Council and suggested a number of actions based on Friends of the Earth 33 actions Local Authorities can take on climate change.

In May 2019 Derbyshire County Council failed to declare a climate emergency (the labour motion was amended by the conservatives) but instead produced a climate manifesto. Minutes of the meeting can be found here. Representatives from Derbyshire Climate Coalition have since met with the Leader of the Council and given him suggestions for actions. The County Council are due to consult on plans in November 2019.

In July 2019 Chesterfield Borough Council declared a climate emergency although did not set a date for the borough to become carbon neutral. Instead they tasked a working group (with Transition Chesterfield as one of the members) to develop a fully costed action plan by March 20120 and advise on the date by which the borough should become carbon-neutral.

The Climate Working group was formed in October 2019 following an application process. Transition Chesterfield has representation on the working group as does Chesterfield Cycle Campaign and Plastic-Free Chesterfield. The first meeting was held on 23 October and 3 more meetings have been scheduled for 25 November, 10th December, 30th January. Transition Chesterfield have requested further meetings to be scheduled to complete this urgent and important task.