Each month the average UK family will waste over £50 of good food!

The UK throws away 7 million tonnes of food waste per year of which up to a half is edible! 


Some tips to improve your situation:

1. Plan your meals

Check your kitchen cupboards and your fridge / freezer before you go shopping. Make a shopping list so that you don’t buy things you already have. Plan ahead and only buy what you know you will use!

2. Portion control

Don’t cook too much or buy smaller sizes if you can’t use it all! Check your kitchen cupboards for your staple ingredients: potatoes, bread, pasta and rice. At many meals large amounts of these ingredients go straight in the bin!

3. Leftovers can be great!

If you have leftovers from a meal think about how these can be used over the next few days in a curry, a sandwich or perhaps a risotto! Appropriate bagging and storage in the fridge or freezer can make many extra meals.

Try slicing and freezing lemons, put bread crusts in a bag, bash them with a rolling pin and then freeze for breadcrumbs and put stale bread in a microwave for a few seconds to freshen it!

4. Food dates

Much of the food we throw away is past its ‘Best Before:’ date. However we can often freeze food that we aren’t going to use immediately – e.g. we can freeze whipped cream, eggs (yolks and whites separately) or sliced bananas (to use in smoothies).

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