Town planning is an essential part of building a resilient and sustainable Chesterfield. We need to make sure that buildings are energy efficient and low carbon, that transport systems reduce reliance on fossil fuel vehicles and that our green spaces are protected for wildlife, food production and public amenity.

Although the planning process can appear complicated and a bit technical, it is not difficult to make a submission and it is important that local people and organisations voices are heard. For more information about how the planning system works see this Plain English Guide.

Transition Chesterfield has made submissions on the Local Plan which sets out the policies and general aims and areas of development in Chesterfield up to 2031. The Local Plan aims for Chesterfield to be a sustainable community and has a number of statements and policies supporting this.

For example on climate change it states “Our buildings and spaces are designed to adapt to climate change, minimising energy use, planting for a drier climate and urban cooling. All new development contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through design measures that lower the energy used and/or through use of local or on- site renewable energy sources including combined heat and power systems. Proposals for renewable and low carba on energy generation are supported.” And has policies eg Policy CS5 on Renewable Energy and CS6 on Sustainable Design and Construction to support this.

On food production the Local Plan also states “Food growing opportunities are maximised, and land for growing food, especially within and adjoining residential areas in allotments and community gardens and the best and most versatile agricultural land, is safeguarded. Waste generation is reduced, and the energy efficiency of existing buildings, particularly housing, is improved to reduce both fuel poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.

We also make submissions on individual planning applications where we feel these do not conform to key policies in the Local Plan. To find and comment on planning applications you can check the online Public Access system.