Repair Cafe Chez

Repair Cafés  – second Saturday EVERY MONTH between 10am and 1pm (last orders at 12.30pm), upstairs at Monkey Park Social Enterprise, Chester Street, Chesterfield S40 1DN.

Transition Chesterfield has been running Repair Cafes upstairs at Monkey Park since 2016.

Repairing broken or damaged items can save time and money! Items can be put back into use and given an extended lifespan. This way we also send less waste to landfill and use up fewer resources when replacement items don’t need to be bought.

Less waste! Less pollution! Less money!

Advising on how best to use your belongings, particularly electronic devices, can mean you take full advantage of all their options and services, thus saving you time and effort. Our repairers can often show you how to repair and maintain your own items, or advise you how to increase their useful lives and how to dispose of them when they cannot be repaired.

We use Monkey Park because it’s a community based organisation, providing space where people of all ages and backgrounds can meet and additionally enjoy refreshments. Parking spaces are usually available nearby and there is a charge point for electric vehicles.

Journey of a broken or damaged item at our Repair Café

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to read through our House Rules [and then to enter your name and details of each item you’ve brought into our log book. (We keep a minimum of information, but this helps us keep track of repairs and put together some statistics about our work.) You will also be handed a ticket number so we can try to ensure that people are seen in turn.

When a suitable repairer is ready, we will take you to them. You will need to stay for a while to explain what is wrong and to check that it is something that we can fix. (Very occasionally, we have to turn things away, eg if they require specialist tools. However, we do have a list of local fixers that may be able to help if we are unable to.) By staying, you have the opportunity to observe the repairer at work and learn new skills whilst you’re with us.

We’ve had a range of items brought in for repair over the years – TVs, laptops, household items such as toasters and hairdryers, broken zips on coats and backpacks and damaged tables and chairs. We also carry out a tool sharpening service and offer advice on current and further use, eg on how to make full use of your mobile phone.
If you prefer, you can enjoy the refreshments on offer at the café downstairs while you wait or call back later to collect your item(s).

When you collect your item(s), make sure you understand what work has been done. Any items that we are unable to repair are your responsibility to collect and dispose. We can advise on the best way to do so.

And PLEASE . . . . . leave a donation to help us with our running costs AND . . . tell others about us!

Please note:

• Please bring your item early to give us time to work on a repair (‘last orders’ at 2 pm). Sometimes, for instance, glue has to be used and this needs to be allowed time to set.
• You must collect your item(s) on the same day; we do not have any facilities for storage.
• If your item needs new parts, you will be told what they are so that you can purchase them and maybe a suggestion of where to get them. You may then return later with the parts or bring the item along to our next Repair Café. Sometimes we can supply new parts and we may make a charge for these.
• We hold the Repair Café upstairs so you will need to climb a staircase to get to us. If this is difficult, please ask at the café and someone will come down to assist.
• During busy periods we may have to limit repairs to one item per person to allow for a chance for everyone to be seen. Further items can be taken to the back of the queue.









How can I become a volunteer?

If you’re interested in joining our team of fixers, you would be very welcome. Contact us at: or turn up at our next Repair Café and make yourself known to us. We’ll introduce you to what’s involved and let you sit alongside an established fixer so you can see how it works.

Our team of repairers continues to grow and gain experience. However, we are all volunteers and could not work without the continued dedication of the team involved. We are always keen to welcome new fixers, so if you’re keen on fixing or, indeed, would like to improve your skills in this area, then do get in touch at the email below or turn up at a monthly event and see what it’s all about.

List of Local Repairers

We also have a list of small traders who repair things or supply spares for other people to fix things, if we need to refer people for more specialised help. If you know of a relevant small trader that you could recommend for this list, please let us know, either at the email address below or one of our Cafés.