energy savingBy reducing the amount of energy/heat lost from your home you can save money on fuel bills and reduce your emissions of carbon dioxide.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure so start by looking at how much you use …

You can do a simple home energy check to find out what improvement measures would be the most cost-effective.  Many measures cost nothing, e.g. turning appliances and lights off when not in use and turning the heating down; some measures cost no more than alternatives, e.g. buying energy efficient appliances; and some measures payback over a very short period, e.g. buying energy efficient lightbulbs or putting in proper loft insulation.


energy 1The Energy Saving Trust has a list of 10 Quick Wins to help you save energy and money.

The biggest reductions in home energy use are through insulation to prevent heat loss.  Follow the link to find out more about insulation of lofts/roofs, cavity walls, solid walls, floors, windows, tanks, pipes and radiators and draught proofing.


Please find below a video of Transition Chesterfield’s ‘Cosy Home’ street theatre about how much home insulation can help.