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Our transport system in Britain and Chesterfield is increasingly dependent on oil – car ownership and use have been rising steadily for decades, and public transport is in decline. Fewer people walk and cycle than 50 years ago.

After energy supply, the transport sector is the second biggest source of greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions in the UK, responsible for around one fifth of UK’s emissions. More details here.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuel transport systems, especially the private car, can help reduce carbon emissions. The school run alone is responsible for an estimated 360,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

In a few years time oil will be so expensive that car use will be difficult for many people.  We need to ensure that there are alternatives in place to enable Chesterfield residents to access shops, education, work, leisure activities etc by more sustainable means.

Transition Chesterfield encourages and supports the following:

  1. more people to walk and cycle in and around Chesterfield, especially for shorter journeys.
  2. an improved public transport system for longer journeys to encourage people to travel more sustainably than by car.
  3. a shift from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric vehicles, ideally generated by renewable sources.
  4. A reduction in unnecessary travel, through remote working or other means

Use the buttons below to see some of the actions Transition Chesterfield is doing to support this in Chesterfield.

Walking & Cycling

 More on improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure, planning issues, 20’s plenty, and to download leaflets on car-free walks in the Peak District, plus links to other walking/cycling groups and guides.

Public Transport

More on how we support public transport plus guides to bus and train travel in and around Chesterfield.

Electric vehicles

More on how we would like to encourage more electric vehicles in Chesterfield.

Avoiding travel

More on how to avoid travel through home and remote working.