Walk 3: Wardlow Mires to Monsal Head via Cressbrook Dale


Peter’s Stone

A generally easy walk through peaceful dales and woods, the historic mill village of Cressbrook, and along part of the Monsal Trail, finishing after crossing the Monsal Viaduct. Distance 6km or 3.7 miles; 2 – 3 hours (depending on route).

ADDITIONAL INFO: Cressbrook Dale is home to one of the world’s rarest plants, Derbyshire feather moss, which only grows in one tiny patch somewhere in the dale; it’s exact location is a secret. Cressbrook Mill, mentioned in step 6, is the sight of a previous mill (that burnt down in 1785) built by the industrialist Richard Arkwright, and was one of the early stirrings of the industrial revolution that transformed the country. Cressbrook Mill itself was unusual in that the owner, William Newton, took reasonable care of his workforce, some of whom were imported from slums in London and the south, providing (for the time) decent accommodation and a school for the children, although they still had to work; work at any mill was arduous in the extreme, and that at Cressbrook was no different. This walk can easily be extended by following the signs for The Monsal Trail at Monsal Head; this takes you down to Bakewell, and adds about 5.6km or 3.4 miles to the length.carfree